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About The Grand Bahama Heritage Foundation

The Grand Bahama Heritage Foundation was founded several years ago to tell the story of our island's heritage by intertwining Art and History together. Through our Artist in Residence Program, we develop fresh ways to collect the oral stories of our islanders, which are recorded through multi-media projects. Last year, A QUESTION OF FAITH: THE JOURNEY OF FREETOWN told the story of the first freed slave settlement on Grand Bahama. Our Artist in Residence, Lauren Austin, a fiber artist now living in China, led our group of multi-generational participants in monthly workshops designing memory quilts. As part of the project, articles of historical/personal interest were brought in to be discussed and documented. The project ended in a well received public exhibition, where the original artwork, historical photographs and Bahamian music were displayed. We are now beginning our next project, HATTITUDES: Hats and the Bahamian Ladies who wear them. A collaborative art circle will be used to interview and photograph modern day ladies with a love of hat fashion. We will try to uncover the link between Colonial and African heritage in today's hat fashions and the influence on them in Bahamian culture.

Four weeks of practice, a lifetime of community spirit

A couple of weeks ago, visitors and locals alike were surprised on a late afternoon when a group of over 100 Grand Bahamians broke into spontaneous dance in Port Lucaya Square.  Timed to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day, the square … Continue reading

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Artists of the Bahamas

Back in January of 2009,The Grand Bahama Heritage Foundation in conjunction with the Freeport Film Society, premiered a documentary film called “Artists of the Bahamas”. It was a  Sunday afternoon and the Regency Theatre was filled with an enthusiastic audience. … Continue reading

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A Question of Faith: The Journey of Freetown

The Heritage Foundation has been involved in a number of projects over the years.  One which we are especially proud of was completed last year and called, A QUESTION OF FAITH: THE JOURNEY OF FREETOWN. This video, produced by Mackey … Continue reading

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“The Mood Dictates the Hat”

Sprightly,elegant,feisty,gentle are the ladies who love to wear hats.  Strong in personality,dignified in manner and outspoken on their topic,  Bahamian ladies are as diverse and lovely as  the sea shells gracing our shores.  Strong as conch shells yet colorful as … Continue reading

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Chantal Bethel, Bahamian Artist and Lyndah Wells, Photographer

Chantal Bethel and Lyndah Wells are two of the three artists working on our new project HATTITUDES. (I’m the 3rd and yes, the one who will be recording the story of our fashionable island ladies and their love of hats). … Continue reading

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